When Dreams Die

Hard as it sounds

dreams die

A dream may die

but dreams never end

Stars die daily

the sky is never bereft

wisdom tells a tale

for they that keep their senses

out of their heart’s reach

and cries out for a time to listen

and hear

and see

and understand

and decide

and know when to move on

there will always be a dream

not to be found in counting hurts

and licking wounds

Flick the sheet just once

Spread it over it all

Take a hard long look

And move.

You do not have to look again.

And if you did

Your eyes are new eyes

Bright with the visions of a new dream.

By all means….keep dreaming!

19 Dec 2008


1 Comment

  1. Odukoya Olasubomi Helen said,

    The poem ‘When Dreams Die’ tells of Life’s struggle; successes are products of perseverance and courage. Various challenges try to snuff life out of our aspirations and ‘dreams’, a failure will submit to setbacks but a success will never stop trying.
    Line 8-9 ‘for they that keep their senses
    out of their heart’s reach…’
    This expresses the need for success-bound individuals to prepare their hearts for challenges and be determined that they will not bow out.

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