Poetry – Madman from my volume Before Twilight

August 29, 2008 at 6:22 pm (Uncategorized)


A madman

Needing no introduction

The garbs of my trade betray me

Needing no more mad-song

For I dance a mad-dance

My madness is severe

Babbling words that hurt

Words they’d rather not hear

Nor would let another hear

They are the sanemen

Killing my song

Hoarding my insane babbling

I am called madnames

They call it psychosis

Schizophrenic, frenetic,

Disillusioned, miscreant,

Non-conformist and very lost

Still they keep an eye on me

Monitoring my madness

Killing my freedom

My freedom to be mad

True I am maniac depressive

I have volcanic madness

A threat to civilized society

My madness blows up the scales

But they won’t look away for a moment

They trail all my mad trails

Walking my mad paths with me

Listening to the same mad song

‘Give my people enough to eat

And good water to eat it

Give them a hope in a home

Give them a life, a future’

The same old mad chant.

Am I alone in this madness?

There are that think my mad way

But ssshhhh! Keep it quiet.

A private madness beats this.

Lest they call you my type of mad

The road of this madness is hard

But if you must speak

I have spare mad-garbs to serve you

Then your true madness begins

That severs you from civilized society

Made mad by the sane leaders they choose.



  1. Tony Ikem said,

    mad man is thought provoking and well scripted….thought it shouldn’t have ended the way it did…abruptly….anyways remains just good!


    Really you are a mad man but the madness with your madness enriches some peoples’ brain. The madness set a pace for some group of people to move to their next step. Also all the actions that comes out from your madness mould the life of some set of people for better and they are proud of it.

    To be sincere I’m enjoying your madness in all ramification, because it creates a wider knowledge for me and it assist me in extra-ordinary research and it broaden my scope of learning. Please keep it up.

  3. Agada james said,

    Acually,this is an interesting piece as it bothers on the inquisitivity of humanbeing against their felow who is on the just path.There is always intimidation and humiliation for the course they you represent though you are ironically insane.
    This is a clear show of truth which is always bitter for those that cannot proof their mettle.keep on!this vibrant intellectual assignment no matter the howling from quarters of no bearing.
    It is well, keep it up okoye.

  4. AYEGI B. TAIWO said,

    The whole poem is an irony. It discusses the predicament of people’s freedom-fighter whose activities are being condemned by the people in power who see him as a threat to their mis-governence, and consequently, his voice and activities are distorted by the agencies of the government.
    This work is a lite5rary attack against a particular national government which denies its people the right to basic and modern comfort like good water and good homes. Rather than feeling ashamed, this government not only arrests the freedom crusaders in the society, but also silences their raised voices, usually by deliberately misrepresenting their activities and tags them problematic to the country.
    The work sees such a government a cheat that pull the wool over its people’s eyes. It prevents all the activities of the freedom-fighters from seeing the light of the day. The government refer to the poet(representing the freedom crusader) as Madman simply because he has been calling their attention to their dis-service to their so called “civilized” society and acclaim themselves “sane leaders”. What an irony!
    Towards the end of the poem, the poet announces the membership of freedom-fighting to all interested members of the society, and explains that this fight should be a collective
    responsibility (madness), it is not befitting to be a one-man affair.

  5. ADEKUNLE said,

    This article is self explanatory.
    Having a friend is not a problem but one has to be very careful about the choice of friends because physical appearance of a friend does not connotes or symbolises his or her attitudes. Though, one cannot do without at least one, but it is better to have an elderly person as a friend in order to receive good instructions, guidance and true love.

    An adage says: show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are. This is direct in the sense that we are highly infleunced by the choice of friends we make. Even if you have your spouse as your best friend, you will still be influenced by his or her behaviour.

    Though, some relationships (friendships) are not everlasting. for instance, relationships among students are most likely to be dissolved annually but for the world not to laugh at you, you need to keep the relationship very well and try to be just. In a nutshell, I will rather keep The Almighty God as my best friend instead of going for human beings who sometimes look like friends but they are worst enemies.

  6. kemi shopeju said,

    its thought provoking and well scripted

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