WE DON COME AGAIN: A Prayer for All Gunners

September 3, 2008 at 5:26 pm (Uncategorized)

WE DON COME AGAIN : A Prayer for All Gunners

God bless all lovers of sweet football

God bless all who admit that Arsenal is the sweetest

God bless all Blues and Reds and that admit that we are sweet

God bless our team for letting us know in time that we will not win any trophies last season

Unlike the players who kept their fans guessing till the last day

They had the last cry of the season TWICE.

God bless all fans who love Arsenal

May your workshop not catch fire, EVER!

Everything you do will prosper

We have come again to thrill you

Blessed are those that hate us, for every weekend they will hate us more

When we turn their home match to our practice session

The more you hate us the more we force you to play defensive

What else can you do when you do not EVER have the ball?

We don come again!



  1. Juwon Odutayo said,

    Tell them. We are their fear.
    Tell them. We are their nightmare.
    Tell them. We are the team they would wish they never met
    And tell them they can’t avoid us.
    We are the greatest!

  2. Adepo Fatimot said,

    Gunner are unavoidable
    No matter what they say
    No matter what they do
    Arsenal remain unshaken
    I’m proud to be gunners fans
    Gunners fans should have rest of mind
    and hope that one day,
    we shall gun a trophy down.

  3. Damola said,

    Some interesting writeups you have hrere, do keepup the nice job. in addition ,your site also gives opportunity to keep in touch with you. so,cj how are you and life at ijebu? I guess by now you should be next in line to the awujale throne.. ‘baba-ijebu’
    sorry I cld not make it to ijebu the other week when my friends came on a visit. it would have been so nice to see your good old face again.
    pls don’t 4get God when it it well with you. wish you all the best.


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