The First Psalm of David

September 4, 2008 at 5:04 pm (Uncategorized)


1. That man wey no de follow the thing wey bad people talk, God don bless am, that man wey no de follow yeye people de siddon

2. But the thing wey God talk n aim e de make am happy; and na wetin God talk e de do day and night

3. That man g be like tree wey dem plant near big big river, wey de bring out im fruit when the time reach; and im leaf no de dry, and anything e put im hand don better.

4. E no de be like that for bad people, but them de be like back of groundnut wey breeze de carry throway

5. So therefore, bad people no fit stand before God for judgement, and sinner no fit stand for where God people gather

6. Because God sabi the waka of good person, but the waka of bad people na to waste.



  1. Juwon Odutayo said,

    Hmm, Cjay, this is quite creative. Have u done anything on Songs of Solomon in pidgin? Will like to see what that will look like.

  2. Abigail said,

    very interesting, pls keep it up. its nice

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