TASUESS AHEAD school anthem

January 18, 2009 at 8:59 pm (Uncategorized)

This anthem was written while I was vice principal of Tai Solarin University of Education Secondary School, Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria. It was adopted as the school song and  remains.


All of nature rise to hear

The song of TASUESS’ young

We take our place in honour’s roll

And stand our feet in virtue’s fold

Our mission we loud declare

To drink in knowledge and to serve

TASUESS will move ahead

To the waterfall of knowledge

To the green fields of wisdom

Where they that hunger and thirst

Will be satisfied with knowledge

And shed light in every darkness

The vision of our founders

Throb in our hearts daily

They spur us to greater heights

Till we reach knowledge’s peak

Never once looking back nay

Till we find, till we conquer



  1. Banjo Oluwatobi said,

    This anthem was composed by Mr Okoye when I was in SS 2. Its a great anthem that still keeps me inspired during difficulties. THIS IS GREAT WORK SIR.

  2. ogunsina joseph said,

    though it is quite long after the song was composed that i became a student of the but i commend Mr. Okoye for composing this anthem which has really inspired me.IT’S A NICE WORK SIR,KEEP IT UP.

  3. ogunsina joseph said,

    My school as one of the best school in Nigeria, suppose to be recognised by the world

  4. towolawi bamidele said,

    our current principal is really trying to make our school one of the best school both academically and in the aspect of infrastructure

  5. Rotimi Okuneye said,

    Kai. Why don’t i think up stuff like this? Syntax stymie? It would have been great to compose such a beautiful piece, leaving my alma mater no option but to change the 80-some years old school anthem.

    Great work. But then…I didn’t expect less.

  6. D-one said,

    I wonder what inspired you to write this beautiful piece THUMBS UP

  7. Prince Lekham Olaitan said,

    very nice anthem kudos to Mr. Okoye

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