system overload

May 28, 2009 at 7:16 pm (Uncategorized)

some times we de feel like
say everybody don waka leave us
so we go de do overtime for afternoon
for night we go de think about tomorrow
sleep we no go see
on top say the sleep na free
we no go sleep
why because we de plan how to catch up
all the people for olympic wey no sleep for night
se dem do catch Usain Bolt now?
Ma bros na God de organise this world
If you say you go first God take off
You go run die!
Make you work hard, na better thing be that.
Time na money, use am well.
But no carry wetin your shoulder no fit carry
Otherwise you go fly up like this donkey
donkey own na small matter
we own na serious thing.
Uselu, Aro, Ward B2. Lantoro
all these na bad bad place
na people wey don overload dey there.
Ma bros, oya now, make me sef go rest.
E be like say my system sef wan overload
Na corn I chop since morning,
That one be like underload.
I de go before I start another talk.
I too de talk sef. Oya now!


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