July 5, 2009 at 10:59 pm (Uncategorized) ()

These days there are a few new things that we certainly have proved that we can export to the rest of the world. It’ s our shamelessness. Suddenly we have photos of politicians stark naked on the front pages of national dailies. I wonder if it happened anywhere before…not even in the stone age! The shame of it is that whereas British people are forcing political office holders to resign for stealing next to nothing (by Nigerian standards) we are arguing about whose arse was exposed and who swore by which devil. The point is not the amount stolen. It is the betrayal. Why do you swear allegiance to a mentor not to the people you represent?The more copies of newspapers that get sold, the wider our shame. The best part is that none of them is thinking of resigning. One thing is for sure. They do not represent anyone but themselves. When they call you to die for them in 2011, you have to be a fool to respond. Except of course if you too swore a blood oath! Shame!


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