August 6, 2009 at 6:49 am (Uncategorized)

Why are there suddenly so many agitations for more money in the face of the economic issue? The list is long: ASUU nationwide, NASU nationwide, SSANU nationwide, doctor, health workers, PHCN, NUPENG, secondary school teachers in many states, primary school teachers in many other states. Why did everyone suddenly wake up? Here is one reason.
No one believes the government when they say there is no money.
Because everyone sees the lifestyle of the leaders. Sam Egwu was celebrating his wedding anniversary when the children under him were home instead of school. When the ministry under him is on fire. Which real man goes chasing rats when his house is on fire. Once you accept a post like a minister’s, you are public property. Forget how much he spent. It is the philosophy that counts.
Because the leaders hurt public sensibilities. Ibori goes in a private jet. It was his case that pages were ripped out of court records. We are all idiots! Ayoka Adebayo resigns and realigns and no on has seen her to ask even one question. I am the idiot because I do not know that in US or UK, she would be forced to appear on Larry King Live! This is how we will make the list of the best 20 economies.
Because the idea our pain is that it is only in the dark that objects can gleam and take upon themselves attractions that they would not have in full daylight. They have to keep us in darkness in order that they might gleam. So that we would be thankful when we have six hours electricity in a fortnight. So that we would kneel in glee if the borehole is commissioned. Jesus! BOREHOLE of N80,000 VAT and fraudulent additions inclusive! When we are all in poverty, then we can marvel at their wealth.
Because we all buy from the same market. I see idiots who have neither IQ nor skill buying for a week’s pleasure what I saved a lifetime and added a loan to buy! I see them giving to their dogs what my children cannot eat more than twice in three months even on my salary that took three degrees and 15 years experience to earn! Not counting the academic papers.
WHY? Because more businesses are opening up and the same people own them. The same people like Dangote are getting concessions to get richer and sell everything. Thank God that air is free. If I had to buy Dangote or Dantata or Danbaba air!
Because more posts are opening up as we grow bigger and each of these posts are given to the same people who have been something before and have not been those things creditably. Some of them have hefty files with EFCC. You have to be an erstwhile something to become a new something. Erstwhile governor like Egwu, Udenwa, Shinkafi, flag bearer like Obanikoro, erstwhile leader like Obasanjo and Gowon. The good erstwhiles move up not down. Like Oby Ezekwesili and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. Not the ones that go from professional pharmacists to professional dancers to any government tune in a ministry I which they have no training.
Because we see and see and see and see! Because they take us for granted. Because they do not care. Because they dangle carrots while wielding a big stick like Obasanjo said. Where is the stick now? Those MEND boys are mending nothing.
You are still asking why?


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  1. Juwon Odutayo said,

    I want to steal this and put it in one of the dailies. This shd not remain here. It shouldn’t!!!

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