December 2, 2009 at 11:10 am (Uncategorized)

A friend of mine says ‘In Nigeria, even the simplest truth shines so much you cannot bear to look at it.’ His message is clear. In Nigeria, we live a lie. Everywhere you turn, there are lies being told. You look at nonsense long enough, it will begin to make sense to you. We look at blatant truth and rationalize it. We say, ‘Afterall…’. When you hear it, you know that a crook is about to point to a bigger crook who is getting away with the same or a worse crime.
Look around you and see for yourself. The billboard in front of you is telling you how the governor is working himself to death building facilities for you. You are tempted to forget that it is a job he stole for himself. When a governor builds something, he sounds off like it was his father’s money he spent. We praise him because he did not steal that fund, not because he is a pacesetter for sinking boreholes and using a full-colour pull-out in the papers to tell us about it. Further down the road are billboards telling us of food products that give us vitamins a-z. Our stomachs are still swollen from malnutrition. For malnutrition is not really an absence of food, but the absence of the right food. So the Japanese and Chinese sell us food supplements. I have told countess hawkers that I would rather eat the food than swallow the supplements.
The schools are full of computers … lie, the teachers are of the highest quality …lie. This government is dedicated to …lie, these allegations are unfounded and the handiwork of …lie. These players are 17 … lie. The election was free and fair …lie. There were no casualties in the incident …lie. The police commissioner said he had not been briefed on the incident …lie. The suspects are in police custody and would be prosecuted to the limits …lie. The army has said that none of its personnel was involved in the incident …lie. The House Committee on …lie lie lie! We are committed to achieving 600 megawatts. Answer this one yourself!
The next thing we do is to try and repackage these lies and call them truth. How can we have a society where we know we are lied to and we still applaud? How can Freedom of Information Bill pass when the whole enterprise is shrouded in darkness. our darkness is worse that NEPA failure. It is a darkness that chokes out truth and everyone thinks it is ok. the leaders want it like that so that their ill-gotten wealth can glitter in our darkness.
Anyway, the whole Nigerian enterprise is a lie! Time to undo the lies if we hope to survive as a nation. If you vex, na true I de talk!


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