December 24, 2009 at 12:27 am (Uncategorized)

Last Sunday, a neighbour of mine brought in a container that contained everything under the sun, just about anything that can be stuffed into every available space.
People swarmed. I got a first opportunity to watch them offload the container. Out came a full open-back truck and an Opel Vectra car that was loaded on it. Someone tells me there was a second car. There were computers, electric irons, televisions that the world has forgotten about, battered printers and photocopying machines, loads of used tyres, refrigerators and freezers. there were shoes, slippers, bedsheets and fans. The crowd swarmed and I felt sorry for them and for the nation. Then I swarmed with them because I could do with a desktop computer. Trouble is that you cannot test them. You buy them on trust. If they do not work, you try to repair them. If you cannot, you offload them to someone who could use their components as spare parts.
I bought a desktop which fortunately was fine save for that the OS in Italia. Then I thought of what I had done. And I felt sorry for myself. I had provided a market for Europe’s junk. But I needed a desktop. Where else will you buy one for seven or eight thousand naira?
Well, I bought one. Then I thought to myself, this is the shame of a nation that another nation would provide them clothing – the ones they discarded.
We fall over each other to buy these things because they are things we long for but cannot afford off the shelf. Things our leaders take for granted.
Anyway, Europe came to Africa last Sunday. Till today, four days after, they are still selling the things that the container brought.
I wonder why I got involved but I do not regret the computer I bought. where else will you buy a computer that cheap?


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  1. Bobbo said,

    Nice one CJ…but what can we do…we remain helpless from this part of the world….

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