January 2, 2010 at 10:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Oyekan was my pupil a few years ago in Tai Solarin University of Education Secondary School, Ijebu Ode. He was avoiding my class one morning and I went in search of him. I found him in the school’s Computer Room. He smiled broadly for guilt.
‘What are you doing here?’ I asked.
He did not take his eyes off me as he replied
‘ I am programming’
He knew better than look away because I might have done something.
I looked at the screen, all blue and the cursor blinking … waiting. Of course, I dragged him back to class with a stern warning.
I perfectly understood that he was not programming. He was only wishing he was. He might not even recall this incident … he has more than a handful of them.
Well, he stuck to his dream and he is an undergraduate at the moment. He is truly making websites and more… hear him

“I am Oyelaja Adebambo Oyekan. I started making websites in high school and the first website I built was to fool my friends at school that I had Internet connection while I didn’t so I made web pages on my computer and had them visit in my room. It worked and they fell for it. After a while I started to get curious and really wanted to learn how these things were really done and that’s how it all began. I am the C.E.O of Cybernator Solutions( a fast growing internet company in Nigeria the organizer of the first ever youth software developer conference in Nigeria. Cybernator Solutions summer of code ( I invented waaazap as an online community where people can contribute, find and share content with their friends and people from around the world You can read more about it at I have been interviewed on tv, radio and newspapers nationwide and was once metioned as part of the top hundred web developers in Nigeria. I love life, love to have a wild laugh and enhance humanity with my computer skills.”
the only way to see if he is fooling me again is to check him out. Let’s meet now at I am waiting for you.



  1. Olubamike Fadipe said,

    I am really impressed by this piece. This tells me there’s hope for the coming generation. That even if there are no civil service jobs, banking jobs or oil sector, some young guys are thinking and acting above their peers.
    THis is a good one, keep it up!

  2. Oyelaja Oyekan Adebambo said,

    Thanks Mr Okoye, I love this piece.

  3. efeamadasun said,

    nice! this is probably the start of something great for the nigerian IT sector

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