January 5, 2010 at 8:03 am (Uncategorized)

It is often surprising how Nigerian officials react to issues, especially ones that are a long time coming. It was humiliating, the way our Prof Dora Akunyili purred demurely, reassuring the US that Nigerians are not terrorists and that it was an isolated case. Her position was supported by the declaration of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, that the U.S should not criminalize Nigerians.
How come we never assess ourselves? We often underplay the impact created by the events in our country and look for someone to heap the blames on. On criminality, the minister has often hinted that it is the few Nigerians who live overseas and engage in criminal activities that give us the bad image. That is to miss the target. America, and any other country for that matter, does not have to make a list of roadside criminals in order to determine the depth of our criminality. They just look at the people that lead us and event in our country and decide. It is here in Nigeria that a speaker of the house was removed for certificate fraud. It is here that a senate president was sacked alongside a minister for education for fraud. It is here that serving senators and members of the house strut and globetrot when they have mind-boggling cases of fraud against them. It is here that … READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON THE RIGHT PANE. LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE.



  1. Bolu Oshodi said,

    Dt makes us criminals not a bunch of terroristas.

  2. toyhenro said,

    …truly! Charity begins at home…
    …’Iran, Pakistan, Yemen NIGERIA and Syria’..are now categorise as ‘birds of a feather’…

  3. Bilqis Ahmed said,

    The guy is a nigerian but av spent most of his growing up yrs outside the country,of which it is possible 4 him 2 av been recruited or even brainwashed in those countries he claims to av visited which mks US to be looking at the wrong place.Again,i think evrything is just a ploy 2 something big coming.US should just tighten their security.

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