January 6, 2010 at 10:09 am (Uncategorized)

The Nigerian situation is tragic. Rather than address real issues, our Government is beating around the bush trying to save face. It beggars belief that the President has been AWOL for over a month yet we carry on as if nothing is amiss. Farouk’s fiery flame was ignited in the wild North, years before his sojourn in Europe and Yemen. By Kene Okoye

Kene speaks my thoughts. How can we say because Farouk did not school in Nigeria therefore he learnt his art somewhere else and we are innocent. America cannot just brand Nigeria. Any fundamentalist that grew up in Northern Nigeria has supervised the killing of Christians, the burning of churches and the looting and burning of government of property. Did Farouk not know about these killings? Did he not hear about Boko Haram or does he not see the fundamentalists that died there as martyrs?
When Muhammed Yusuf was arrested and handed over to the police, we needed to know who sponsored him. We needed to know if he had ties with any terrorist cell. We had questions for him. America would be interested too. The police killed him. The army said they handed him over. The police said it was a lie. BBC… yes BBC published the photograph of the man being handed over. Police changed story. Now the say we should not expect any report, that he died in a shootout. Blatant lie. Which shootout for a man who did not attempt escape? Senate said nothing. Assembly said nothing. Aandoakah did nothing. The only photograph of the man we have came from BBC. For a case of that profile, who presided? Who ordered the execution? Why has no one spoken? By the way, go to Sahara Reporter ( and see both the video of his interrogation and the transcript. Farouk was here and saw how people kill others and get away with it. his father is now presented as the model father. If he sent the boy to Baptist Boys High School, he would not be able to fly around from London too Yemen. Today, he is on record as the first Nigerian to produce a suicide bomber who thought nothing of killing three hundred people. Model father indeed.
We all know that religious crisis will still happen. Someone will carry the fine boy’s photograph one day and call him a hero. Still in the north, NYSC has continued to record annoying deaths of Southern youths. If those murderers in Jos and Bauchi are not terrorists, what are they? Another issue is that all of them look the same, Chad, Bauchi, Sokoto, Niger Republic, Sudan, Somalia, Mali … they all look the same and enter here with impunity. So not every Northerner is a Nigerian. So they come and go as they like. We have such porous borders that Osama Bin Laden himself can live here undetected!
So America says they would help us search us better and we are yelling. And we still cannot guarantee who enters or leaves our country! Nuhu Ribadu came and went and Onovo was embarrassing us on TV telling us he could not do that. Well, he did. We have failed to wipe our arse, they are helping us.
What needs to be done is to reassure Americans. Good they want to install the scanners. They have not supplied petrol but see the speed with which they want to order scanners. This one concerns them. They don’t want Americans poking telescopes inside their …. If it is me, tell me to bend over and I will over bend!
When the scanners arrive, please let them scan for us, we need to know where our president is. Can the scanners do that for us please.
Aha! Farouk, we too have a blame.


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