January 24, 2010 at 11:18 pm (Uncategorized)

What a revelation. Before the crisis of Yar Adua’s absence took centre stage, no one would have doubted if Dimeji Bankole is a bona fide Nigerian. Fact emerging from this ongoing saga has shown beyond doubt that there is no true Nigerian blood running in his veins.
When Dimeji Bankole became the speaker of the Nigerian house, there was excitement that someone who is well educated someone so young as to realize his own future was at stake as well as those of so many people that are in his age bracket. If the erstwhile avante garde had been playing insensitive politics with the polity, he was expected to breathe in a new life into the polity and restore hope to the people. Not in his dreams did he see himself becoming the speaker of the house. So when the opportunity came to him, with the opportunity came the chance to etch his name in gold even if to the chagrin of the godfathers (some say his father is one of them but it is hard to tell). He had opportunity to look the troublers of Nigeria in the face and call their bluff, reminiscent of what Chris Ngige did to Chris Ubah in Anambra State.
As many of us as misadventured into this hope are doing our best to navigate our disappointed souls back to where we stood waiting for Godot before Bankole came along… READ FULL TEXT. CLICK BANKOLE STRIPPED OF HIS NIGERIAN CITIZENSHIP ON THE PANE TO YOUR RIGHT


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