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Just when are things going to make sense. There is so much impunity that just about anything can happen. How come people got to the polling booths and dicovered their names were not on the Voters’ Register, a document that should have been displayed before the elections. In Anambra, suddenly there are more Hausa, Kanuri, Tiv and Yoruba names than there are Igbo names! After each election, we see the style of manipulation used. Then the INEC chairman will show his shameless face and say America has things to learn from our elections! Anyway, now we know what they have disabled. The Voters’ register has made a fool of some people at the Ekiti and Osun tribunals. Now they do not eant to make the same mistakes. Confuse the data so no one can tell just how many people voted. Writing names on exercise books. In the same country where sacred court papers were ripped out to protect a citizen.
Anyway, let’s wait and see there this takes us.


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Bodies stacked in street as genocide grips Biafra
May 12, 1968: Frederick Forsyth, at this time a freelance reporter, finds the breakaway region is now a charnel house
From the archive
THE war raging between Nigeria and her breakaway eastern region of Biafra has just ended its 10th and bloodiest month. After 10 weeks in the bush with the Biafran army commandos, I have emerged sickened by the senseless violence that this war has wreaked upon a west African nation that could have been an example of harmonious progress to the whole of the continent.
The most disturbing aspect is that inside 10 months it has deteriorated steadily from a war in which the original motivation was the reincorporation of the breakaway east into Nigeria into a spectacle of racial hatred run amok.
General Yakubu Gowon, the head of the federal government, in unleashing a war that he thought could be ended within 48 hours, has let loose forces that white men do not understand and that the Nigerians cannot control.
The Lagos government, to judge from its public utterances, seems blandly unaware of just how far its own army is out of its control.
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