the blessedness of a pee

June 30, 2010 at 11:30 am (Uncategorized)

yeah, I am peeing, and I am hurrying
to get it done … then I thought again … and I found it
… white or yellow pee
(too white or too yellow or neither, call your physician)
cascading down without a care
O for the relief that floods the body
we know the pressure of a bladder overflowing
and the risk of letting go what you don’t even need
in the wrong place
…the furtive glances in search of some private
where the plants may benefit
or somewhere away from too many eyes
to quickly discharge a cargo
hot, yellow, smoking, speeding
O for the blessedness
the blessedness of a wand to direct the volley
never needing to squat or watch the splash
but sometimes a member gets caught in a zip
up or down to find freedom … the pain!
Oh for the blessedness of a pee
the relief returns to the body
and we sigh and turn away
some spit at the their own fluid
maybe just a parting present as they turn away
to face the rest of the day
but we will return
O for the blessedness of a pee.
If you have not felt it
stop a while the next time and feel it!


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