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AYOKA ADEBAYO (76) Resident Electoral Commissioner for Ekiti State during the re-run elections. Could it be that this woman is a saint dressed up in soiled garments as she has alluded to? Perhaps I could think from her perspective this once, and away from the public outcry.
She disappeared after resigning citing pressure to do the wrong thing. She never got round to telling us who pressured her and what exactly they wanted her to do. We still do not know (from her) if the result she announced was the pressured one or the authentic one. She has not been interviewed along the lines of what Nigerians would love to know. She knows things that she is not telling us.
Akunyili (the people’s saint!), Michael Okiro (the police mediator) and Michael Aandoakaa (the people’s devil) pressured the woman to return to her duty post. If she ever told them what she was running from, we will never know from the saint, the devil and the mediator. Akunyili did not announce as minister, Okiro did not arrest and interrogate as police, and Aandoakaa did not prosecute as the chief law officer. Now she has been moved to a similar position in Ondo State.
Listening again to her comments in the heat of the crisis, she tells Ekiti people that posterity would prove her. She says they would not write their history without including that one woman, Ayoka Adebayo was there. she has achieved that already but I doubt if she meant that history would vilify her as politics is doing now. I think she meant much more.
I THINK she is saying that she has done something which many would not dare — to speak out, resign, run, hide and reappear. She is correct in so much as there are hundreds who have taken their cut and shut up. There are judges of the electoral tribunals whose hands are said to have been soiled. But this woman spoke out. Some say she should have followed through. It is easy to talk. Under our noses Dele Giwa died, Bayo Ohu died, Dipo Dina died, Bola Ige died, Kudirat Abiola died … perhaps she is not on this list only because she reappeared and realigned.
She is saying that she has given the nation sufficient hint that something was amiss and that someone should pick up. We would be liars if we say that her actions did not help Dr Kayode Fayemi because it did. More that ever, we became convinced as a people that something was amiss and needed to be corrected.
I find myself at a crossroad. Would I wish a woman martyrdom because I need her to fight corruption? Should I absolve her, knowing that her inaction led to the institutionalizing of illegality? Everyone would have to decide and hopefully based on facts.
And while we are at it, we will decide on whose account we should hang the deaths and destruction that visited Ekiti in those trying times. We will come to realize that many people would make the list long before Adebayo Ayoka makes a controversial appearance. So arrage in whatever order you will — YAR ADUA; AKUNYILI; OKIRO; ONI; FAYEMI; AANDOAKAA; IWU; INEC; POLICE; ADEBAYO; PDP; OGBULUAFOR; NATIONAL ASSEMBLY; POLICE; SENATE; NIGERIANS (THAT IS TO SAY, YOU!)


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In the last few weeks, the educational sector has received yet another rude awakening on account of the state of affairs in the Nigerian educational sector with the mass failure of students who wrote the ordinary level examination. While a second Mega-Educational Summit is on-going in Abuja to consolidate on the nothing achieved by the first Mega-Summit, people who understand the problems are beginning to dig in and practically set structures in place to redress the situation instead of parleying with the examination bodies and wasting time. Tai Solarin College of Education, Omu-Ijebu in Ogun State, South West Nigeria is designing a programme of preliminary studies to address this particular situation.
Tai Solarin College of Education was established in 1978 and was briefly brought under the newly established Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun in 1995. It has since 2008 resumed its full status as the only state-owned College of Education, moving to a new permanent site in Omu-Ijebu. Omu-Ijebu is a serene town, only 10 minutes drive from Ijebu Ode metropolis. It costs N50 (fifty naira to travel from Ijebu-Ode to the campus premises. Omu-Ijebu holds a special status because it is the home town of the serving governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel.
The programme is run under a special school called the School of Preliminary Studies. It is designed to cater for students who are intending to write the UTME on the one hand, and those intending to repeat the SSCE, either under the NECO or WAEC syllabuses. Care has been taken to ensure that students who are admitted into the programme show genuine desire and stability to undertake the academic reformation and reorientation that is intended by the management of the institution.
To this end, thetwo-semester programme has been designed to accommodate three streams of students: The Arts of Humanities (offering subjects like English Language, Literature-in-English, Religious Studies, Fine Arts Nigerian Languages and French), The Sciences ( offering subjects like Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Agricultural Science) and The Social Sciences (offering subjects like Government, Economics, Social Studies, Geography, Accounting and Commerce). The syllabuses of the examination bodies have been harmonized in such a manner as to ensure that the students through well-structured multi-tasking, are able to fully address their areas of need and consequently solve nagging deficiencies which have resulted in their failure in previous examinations.
The Provost of the institution, Dr Abiodun Ojo is so confident that the programme would be a huge success and has committed himself to that effect. He has promised to publish the full details of students who register and genuinely participate in the programme and the schools they eventually would be admitted into after the qualifying examinations have been written and the results released. His unshaken faith in the educational solution his institution offers is firmly grounded in the belief that he has the human resource as well as the appropriate environment to undertake specific emergency situations (like the one crippling the educational dreams of our young people) and make the difference for the society and the parents of these youths.
The programme is not however for all comers as the institution is screening the applicants to ensure that those admitted are prepared to work. Students who apply must show evidence of effort made in the previous examinations. The application forms cost N5,000 and if admitted, acceptance fees of N5,000 and a paltry tuition is required for full registration. Students who are admitted are considered bona-fide students of the institution and have access to all the facilities the school offers its students. They would be allowed to dress like other students and participate in school-organized programmes, competitions and events being a school of their own with their own officers. All students admitted must attend the school’s orientation programme to adequately prepare them for the challenges they would face.
The programme begins in mid-October but registration is already on-going. It comes as no surprise that it is already receiving commendations from the immediate academic community. It is the only such programme available and is managed by professionals of the highest training.
I most heartily recommend this for parents and guardians.

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