TASCE Degree Programme

December 23, 2010 at 11:25 am (Uncategorized)

A post on FB last week drew attention to the perception of some, of the seeming delay in the take-off of the Degree Programme of Tai Solarin College of Education in affiliation with the University of Ibadan. The impression given in that post is that it is the provost who is not interested in fast-tracking the programme. This is so far from the truth!
The provost is of course aware that such opinions exist. In a jocular remark (which he repeated to the members of the TASCE Alumni Association when they visited him) at a Town Hall Meeting of staff of the College held well before the programme was approved, he addressed that opinion. He said he was aware that some people felt he could spend some money and thing would fall into place. He said he was interested in doing things right because he did not want any embarrassments for himself or anyone else. He said he had done everything that was required of him and it rested on UI authorities to do their part. However, he said, if there was anyone who knew who to bribe, the one could come and get money but if things backfire, there would be the devil to pay. The entire assemble roared in laughter but no one showed up. Everyone understood what he meant. He was not going to bribe!
This short episode sums up the provost’s attitude towards the programme. There is no one in that establishment more desirous of seeing that programme begin than the provost himself. However, he says he does not wish to cut corners. University of Ibadan is not the type of university you stampede into actions. But even if there was someone there willing to be stampeded (and he knows none), the provost says he is not interested. So he summed up his address to the members of the Alumni Association by saying …’when we are ready we shall begin”. This is on tape.
It would help to clear the air on this. It would also help if anyone who has new ideas forwards them to the provost. But it would help the most to reassure all stakeholders in the TASCE enterprise that everything is on course. It makes no sense to get to the middle of one’s course only to be told that certain things were not properly done and therefore … that is when erstwhile saints begin to resemble the devil proper.
Let us all believe, we have come this far and nothing will deter us.



  1. owoseni adeniran said,

    please dont let it stop am in support of it.

  2. Segun said,

    I am an old student of tasce and i wish progress 4 d skl.pls Dr abiodun ojo.do somethng very fast.

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