the trouble with Gov Amosun’s half-pay regime

August 4, 2011 at 9:04 pm (Uncategorized)

The trouble with Amosun’s half salaries
Our elders say ‘you don’t play the monkey’s tricks on the bush pidgin’. Let me without loads of talking say why half salaries don’t work.
Like government before now, this government is soliciting and receiving the services of political manipulators who specialize is swinging public opinion. So, easily everyone would say OGD did not pay at all but SIA is paying something, even if it is half. Anyone would say, ‘is it not better?’ but it is a Greek gift and we will roast for it. Why? Follow me.
1. OGD did not manipulate. He even promoted people and said, ‘I owe you this exact amount’. This government has come and has paid half of salaries…BUT WHICH SALARY SCALE? He has taken us back to the FORMER salary scale. Please note that TASUED staff have even received arrears of salaries following the migration from that old salary scale he took us back to. Will TASUED staff refund or will the government upgrade TASCE staff?
2. The government has no interest in collective bargaining. As it stands, you will not find a worker who can tell you specifically, ‘this is the blueprint the government is following’. So speculations are rife; and every day, these unsettle people.
3. There is zero information of what would happen to the arrears that have piled up. All we hear is that the present government did not accumulate it. I don’t have to bother to puncture that argument. It was punctured at inception.
4. The government is trying to make beggars of workers, so that when they get any money at all from the government, gratitude would overwhelm reason. Gradually they are making an anomaly to become an acceptable pattern. Rather than pay what they owe in a month, they reduce to a lower scale and use one month’s pay to service two months. And they expect applause. Worse still, nobody would say for how long this is going to persist. With labour insisting that minimum wage be implemented from August, what will happen? If we have gratefully accepted half pay, where is the impetus to ask for increase?
5. The current situation of half pay is made more attractive by a dangerous fraud. Ogun government introduced a tax regime of 10% of GROSS. This government has said nothing about rectifying that. They are giving tertiary institution workers half pay and without deductions for tax and co-operatives. Many workers are collecting far more that they should after deductions. Poverty is not allowing them remit their deductions to the appropriate co-operative societies. When the deductions are eventually required of them, they will find that what they have as balance of their pay would not service their deductions. They would become more slaves than they were before they received the blessing of half-salaries.
So when someone tells you that getting half is better than getting nothing. The one needs to be told that workers and government must meet each other half-way down the road. The government is not the boss. They are the servants of the people and not to tell the people what you are doing with their lives is manipulation and it is criminal.
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  1. dada ayodele said,

    an eye opener. But where is the change we voted for?

  2. debola said,

    cj, one fundermenta point you left behinde was the pecularities of each institution.
    1. Pecularities: TASUED has the represntative(s) of the State Government till around June 2011 which was the highest decission making body within the institution normally referred to as Governing Council or jokingly ”The Employer” that had approved (upon serious push by the various Unions) and since presented to the then Visitor for Official approval…hope TASCE did same?

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