Taking Back Your Children

March 19, 2013 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

If you have children who speak things like 1. I yaff go to school
2. Us have not eat
3. Our teacher have go
4. It is rice we are eating?
Then here are some suggestions you could use.
1. Unban the use of the mother tongue in your house. No child ever learns tenses in the mother tongue. It gives them a linguistic base they need to learn a language like English.
2. Buy children’s books. Make them read them. take the pains to flip through Nigerian authors before they read. The classics are available for bigger kids. Books like Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, Lamb Tales from Shakespeare, Gulliver’s Travels etc. They will speak as they read.
3. Do not pass up a chance to correct them. Make them realize they have to speak carefully.
4. Run a check on their teacher in school. If they are using sub-standard teachers, do something. Flamboyance is not quality.
5. Spend time with them and engage them in conversation. Discuss books they have read or tell them folk tales. Let them recount their daily experiences in simple language.
6. Don’t just hire any teacher. Engage the teacher in conversation after a week of working with your kid(s). Hour should be able to tell you what he has observed and how he plans to proceed.
7. Don’t let your maid or half-baked relatives teach your child English by association.
Education Resource Centre may be reached through sms, voice call or e-mail.
0818-217-5582 educationresourcecentre@gmail.com



  1. Abiola Ige said,

    I strongly agree with you CJ.Over the time I have got to understand that young children learning and understanding language is influenced by some factors. In as much as a child has a mother tongue,acquiring another language will require alot of work.Basically,some of these kids will want to have direct translation from their mother tongue to the other language. Just like some of the examples you wrote.The social and cultural environment, the people in it and their interactions, and how children come to represent all these in their minds, are absolutely fundamental to language development. The interactions generated by the child, is what promotes his language learning,so if a child really wants to learn a new language,they should go by wat you have listed. I will however add that,the children should probably relocate to countries where they have the native speakers of the language. Or probably make friends with the native speakers

  2. Ayodeji said,

    I pray all parents can abide…

  3. glory said,

    CJ, thnx a lot for d info. I’m in a dilema abt this issue, what shld i do? My friend’s children corrupts my 5yr old daughter’s english. She drops off her 3 kids with me some weekends as she runs a part time B.Sc programe, though she is a teacher, her children speak terrible english. My daughter will often want to repeat whateva they say bcos they’re all older than her, so she believes they are right. Eg of some ‘Us have it in our house, Is it you pple own, is u pple own big, I forget it at home, Ebube say’

  4. Soneye Oluwabusola said,

    Oga CJ, lee haf come again. Lol
    Good one sir.

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