this is the ‘Oga at theTop’

March 19, 2013 at 5:44 am (Uncategorized)

Well, I am delighted that you really want to know who this oga is. I am also disappointed that you did not know until now. Then I am angry that you expect me to be the one to tell you. But then, what are friends for? OK I will tell you. Oga at the top is the one who makes you do what you knew you should do and stops you from doing same when he thinks it is beneficial not to do same. Beneficial to who? You know na, to yet another Oga at the Top. So who is the ultimate Oga at the Top? The president ke! Even that one has many Oga at the Top. Who they are? Oya carry biro. Election financiers, election riggers, party elders, IMF, transparency International, Commonwealth, G8, World Bank, and even the US that they accuse of meddlesomeness. If you doubt ask Saddam, ask Gaddafi. UK sef. Ask Ibori or ask Alams to near that side Even South Africa and for that you can ask Okah. Oga full for top o. Even me. I be Oga at the Top na. E easy?


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