search for headless bodies.

March 26, 2013 at 12:03 am (Uncategorized)

Having received reports of 3 headless female bodies from FB, the Student Affairs Office of Tai Solarin College of Education Omu came alive. We have a situation of a few female students who travelled and their friends and family say they have not been in contact for a long while. The descriptions on FB were disturbing as they were near matches. A sense of responsibility galvanised the school. Having obtained proper permits, a number of us were sent out. A certain source who claimed to have plied the road said the bodies were at Ajegunle, afarm community near Mamu on Ibadan Road. We drove first to Awa Police Station where we met with the DPO. He told us they got the same report and acted. SSS had come, the DPOs from Ijebu and Atan had also been there in addition to other security formations from Abeokuta. They had sent men in patrol vehicles and on motor bikes for thoroughness but found nothing. He gave us one of his men and encouraged us to search. Slowly we drove until we reached the boundary of Ogun and Oyo States and found…nothing.
While on the drive I was reaching out. I got links from where apparently some had copied the message. It was a blog site. There I saw 3 studio processed photos of girls who were said to be the victims. Questions: who obtained the photos? From the scene? Who snapped them and who has them now? Why did they take them. Why did they not snap the corpses? (it is hard for a Nigerian with a camera phone not to try to snap). How did they confirm that the corpses which were headless matched the photos? Who saw tha vehicle that dropped them? And finally, who are these people that put up this pictures ? OK. Here’s their link. See for yourself
Today, they have grossed 18,045 views at the time of writing this. Is that why they did it?
I need to warn about the number of idiotic blogs in Nigeria. Naija this and Naija that. When you Google up trending information especially, If you don’t find a reputable name like Vanguard, Guardian, Saharareporters, Premium Times or any real name behind a blog, don’t read. If you want to read, don’t cite or share. They will only create credibility problems for you.
Back to what is important to us as a school.
We still need information because we still a few girls whose friends and parents say they have not heard from for a long while.
Thanks for taking the pain to read. Lease leave comments.



  1. Prince Moronfolu Shonibare Adebowale Aremu said,

    @ CJ,I think Tasce should publicize the names of their missing students. As a school,parents have lodged their complaints about the whereabout of their wards n the school kept quite. I think this is bad. The school should make a press release concerning the missing students. The general public can assist the school if the school should go ahead n make a press release.

  2. funke said,

    well, i suppose GISTPAGE will be courageous enough to provide answers to my question comment on that page. everyone wants to own a blog without having what it takes to run one!. when i received the ‘hearsay’ on my phone yesterday, BCd by a contact, d info was that of just 2 ladies (the plum dark and the fair one). even the bc didn’t specify they were beheaded! whatever the case is, i want to believe that blogger got his story from same source and never witnessed it!

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