Audacity in Nigeria: 11 scenarios.

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Some of the most audacious things that have been done in Nigeria and most of which went unpunished. Or as would always be the case, one audacious event is knocked over by another, far more audacious.
The nation’s number one law officer- attorney-general and minister of justice, Chief Bola Ige was murdered in his home. His police details did not even know what happened. Some reports said they all went out to eat at the same time. After lengthy investigations, the IGP Mr. Sunday Ehindero, after keeping journalists waiting for days, produced some people who he said murdered Bola Ige. One of them was hooded. He was said to be the one who identified them. All the suspects denied knowing a thing about the murder. The chief suspect, one Alhaji Moshood also denied it. Till this moment, no one has been tried or convicted. No questions asked, no answers given. That is not counting Fryo, a certain man who confessed to the crime. His lawyer was Festus Keyamo who soon found himself on the defensive.
What many Nigerians do not know is that Wole Soyinka was jailed during the civil war. He was arrested and kept in solitary confinement for two years. What many more do not know is that he wrote a prison diary which he published as a book titled The Man Died (1972). This book was banned by the government of Gen Yakubu Gowon. The reason is simple. Soyinka accused Gowon and his perpetrators of the civil war of genocide. Rather than answer the allegation, they banned the book. The book remains banned in spite of the government’s acclaimed pride at Soyinka being a Nobel laureate.
Mrs Ayoka Adebayo was a resident electoral commissioner. She was over seventy. When she conducted the vexed Ekiti guber elections, she threw in the towel and wrote a resignation to President Umaru Yar Adua. She wrote
“It is with heavy heart that I am writing to inform you of my resignation as the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Ekiti State.

“In accordance with the rule of law, the on-going election in Ekiti was supposed to be the election that will enhance the image of INEC, electoral process in our dear country Nigeria and the whole black race.

“Unfortunately, the circumstances changed in the middle of the process; therefore, my conscience as a Christian cannot allow me to further participate in the process.

“I thank you and my great country Nigeria for giving me the rare opportunity to serve.”
The powers that be went to work, ordering her to reappear. FG declared her wanted
She reappeared and continued the work from which she had resigned. Eventually she announced results that gave the election to PDP’s Segun Oni; a result that has since been upturned. Mrs Adebayo never got to tell us who made her miserable enough to resign. We all remember she told us INEC, from which she resigned, is one happy family.
President Umaru Musa Yar Adua was grievously ill. No one knew his exact condition. Religious leaders like David Oyedepo were getting invited to Abuja. No one was telling us anything. Minister for justice Michael Aandoakaa told us the president was recovering and there was no gap in government as the president could rule from anywhere. Then one day, a certain tape of the president addressing the nation was aired. At the time this tape was aired, there were reports that the president was dead. Even Huffington Post carried it and later deleted the article without apology or explanation. The question is this. Who made that tape. Was the tape not fraudulently made and used to deceive a nation? Who was talking on that tape? No one is in jail for it and no one is answering for it.
Something went very wrong in Anambra politics. As a consequence, a sitting governor was abducted. But for his shrewdness in reaching out to AIT, he may never have been found. A certain politician with powerful support from Abuja had made the governor sign a pact that he would resign and pave way for him or another of his choice. But the governor reneged prompting anger and his abduction. When all failed, this group resorted to an orgy of violence with unrestrained arson and wanton destruction. Their anger consumed the government house and the broadcasting house of Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABS). This was brazen, in broad daylight and on tape. They were never challenged, arrested, questioned or prosecuted. This is the reason Chinua Achebe refused a national award twice. Achebe said, ‘I have watched particular the chaos in my own state of Anambra, where a small group of renegades, openly boasting their connections in high places seems determined to turn my homeland into a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom. I am enthralled by the brazenness of this clique and the silence, if not connivance, of the Presidency’.
In what remains the most chilling incident of extra judicial killing in Nigeria, seven Igbo traders were wiped out in Apo, Abuja. The reports show that at least two of them were taken to the police station unhurt. Soon, they were all dead. The officer accused of this murder is walking free. Prosecution is going forward, backwards and nowhere. Up till now, nothing has come of the case. There was talk of compensation. What is required is justice.
Suddenly things went really wrong in the PDP controlled Ogun State Assembly. They broke into two factions and suddenly the smaller faction, which did not form a quorum, suspended the larger faction. They sat in an undisclosed location and with a local Government mace. (The mace was later publicly destroyed at the inception of a new ACN controlled government in 2011). They tried to make things happen and to approve the taking of a bond that the government needed for development. Arguments and counter arguments flew on why the bond was desirable or undesirable. In the end, the governor locked up the house. President Jonathan did nothing. Even though he visited Ogun State and even though his party was the only one represented in the assemble, he could not find a way forward. The governor completed several months left on his tenure without a house of assembly.
The people of Odi in the Niger Delta were dealth a hard blow in the heat of the confrontation of the militants of the Niger Delta with the government of Olusegun Obasanjo. For a number of reasons that were told only from the government side, the town was invaded. People of the community and activists claimed that women and children were murdered and women raped on the streets. The government denied these. Photos were produced but the government said they were false. All would have remained as they were until the incumbent President Jonathan was accused by former President Olusegun Obasanjo of being indecisive in handling Boko Haram. President Jonathan openly said he would not adopt Obasanjo’s style which killed only women an children. He said he went there after the raid and did not see corpses of militants. He only saw corpses of women and children. One president to another. We have all acted like we did not hear. For a man who handed Charles Taylor over to ICC, Olusegun Obasanjo is a lucky man.
The only photo we have of Muhammed Yusuf in the media appears to have come from BBC. When President Yar Adua tackled Boko Haram in Borno State, their leader, Muhammed Yusuf was prime target. He was arrested by the army and handed over to the police. The police was to deny that he was in their custody. The army reiterated that they arrested him. He had only a cut on his arm which had been treated. Then BBC published a picture of Muhammed Yused with his hands bound and a bandage wrapped round his upper arm just as the army said.; police admitted he was in their custody. A short while after, the photograph of his body riddled with bullets was released. They said he died in a shootout while attempting escape. Since then, it has emerged that he was interrogated. There is a tape on the internet (the authenticity I cannot affirm) that contains an audio recording of his interrogation in Hausa. Today, Boko Haram cites this incident for their insurrection. The questions remain unanswered. Who killed Muhammed Yusuf and why?
Remi Babalola was Nigeria’s Minister of State for Finance. He was the one who clearly told us that NNPC was insolvent. The government went into a flurry. They denied the allegations and reeled out fact after fact. Babalola was moved to Special Duties from where he resigned. Now, Remi Babalola is a seasoned professional. He served from July 2007 to August 2010 and he did not know what he was talking about? Choose who you will believe.
General Azazzi was National Security Adviser. One day, Gen Azazzi openly tells the PDP to explain to Nigerians about Boko Haram. He clearly and unequivocally blamed Boko Haram attacks on PDP. The government went into a flurry again. Next thing he was releived of his duties. Then he dies in a helicopter crash. If anyone asked him why he made that declaration, I do not know.
Former Governor James Ibori was accused of being a felon. It was alleged that he was convicted for stealing building materials or so we read. The judge who convicted him was said to have identified him and affirmed that he was indeed the one he jailed. Then they needed to look at the records to see if it was true. Yes, the pages in questions that would have authenticated or knocked down the allegations were missing. THEY HAD BEEN RIPPED OFF.
Ibori left office and was accused of graft, embezzlement and money laundering. He won a preliminary objection to being tried anywhere except Asaba. Asaba did not have a high court. Then the government, in record time, approved, built a court and appointed Justice Awokulehin on Dec 16, 2009. Ibori was tried and ALL the charges against him were squashed. He walked free and into Dubai. It took UK to jail him.
The former EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu produce US$15m in cash. He said Ibori used it to bribe him. Ibori denied it. More recently a certain business man tried to claim the money but was lambasted by the court. Now, Delta State government is laying claims to the money. The governor is Ibori’s cousin and he never declared there was any missing money. Matter of fact, UK believes the governor stole in excess of £200m and Uduaghan did not notice!! Now, man, wife and mistress are in jail but they are untouchable in Nigeria.
#12 EVAN and EVANS
Evan or Evans Enwerem became president of the Nigerian Senate in 1999, a position he occupied for six months. Trouble came calling when it came to light that a certain Evans Enwerem had been convicted soon after Nigeria’s independence. The former senate president put up a spirited defence explaining that he was Evan. He said that the Evans that was convicted was his late twin brother. So his mother had two of them. One boy was named Evan and the other was named Evans. Evans (now deceased) was the felon. Evans rose to become the Senate president. Today, a university is named after him.
Oyerinde was a personal aide of Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomole. Oshiomole has refused to allow his murder go down as another unsolved murder. He has accused the police authorities of complicity in his murder. Oshiomole was citing police records when he said that both the murderer and the murder weapon (which was earlier used in a robbery) were in police custody at the time his private secretary was murdered. He in fact said the police killed him. What is saddening is that the police paraded a set of suspects for the murder and the SSS paraded another set, and there are conflicts in their reports. Since then, it has been claims and counter claims in the papers and the police recently (quite uncharacteristic of them) published a very impressive report on how they investigated and tracked down the armed robbers who killed Oyerinde. When this will end is anybody’s guess.

There are countless ridicous things we do with such impunity in Nigeria. These ones here are in public glare. You can imagine what goes on behind the scene.


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