Nollywood is Crap, is it?

August 23, 2015 at 3:50 pm (Uncategorized)

How many times have you heard or yourself said the above statement? Let me guess; countless.
Now that is strange. I know.
Most of us would rather see the American flicks with all their thrillers and stunts, the Indian movies with their romantic colours and the songs, or the Korean movies with their deep story plots and emotional themes. These movies just have a far better taste than most of our Nigerian movies. Undeniable!
There are so many reasons accountable for the lacklustre products produced by Nigerian filmmakers. From poorly developed stories to poor acting to low technical quality.
But who do you blame?
You need a good screenwriter to develop a good story. Nigerians have writers in abundance. But the best do not come cheap. Actors? You probably can guess that part. The crew and equipment is a story I bet you don’t want to read.
No reasonable person would pump a huge capital into a business (yes, it is business) that has a very high tendency of bringing a deficit in lieu of profit.
This is how it goes. A filmmaker spends some ten million Naira or above on a movie. Before the movie is released officially, some people somewhere have illegally made millions of copies and sold at a ridiculous price. There goes the poor man’s ten million Naira. There goes his life.
I know you know those evil people. They are called pirates. And that crime is piracy.
Now think again. There are more than you think.
Most people that have seen Kunle Afolayan’s “October 1” reckon that it is a different movie (well, it is one of the most expensive Nigerian movies ever made). It is much closer to what Nigerians expect from their own film industry as competition to its foreign counterparts. Most of those people did not go to the cinemas. They probably got a cheap DVD or just received it on their phones or laptops from their friends. If you are one of such people, you are the reasons the maker of that movie now wants to reconsider whether to continue to make movies in Nigeria (and for Nigerians).
They are pirates that purchase VCD/DVDs of movies that have not been legally released to the public.
They are pirates that have new cinema release films on their phones and computers too. You share these movies with your friends, oblivious of your part in destroying someone’s investment.
So many filmmakers have quit the business all because of this huge bane. And until we all come around together to fight it, the Nigerian movie industry may not go too farther from here.
If making a film with a million Naira and making a film with twenty million Naira will earn me almost the same returns (thanks to pirates and “film lovers”), why waste money?


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