a tale of sodOMU and gomorrah

A Tale of SodOMU and Gomorrah
Once the cities stood proud and tall
The first of its kind in the coast
And second in the nearest far
They stood proud and strong
Like the twin towers before September.

But they did not just appear
They grew on the sweat of men
Some gone and many remaining
They grew the tower from nothing
And from time to name it grew
Watered by different hands that ruled

Through the guns and flowing gowns
Some sincere and some not quite so
But strong it did until it reached the peak
And was listed by political will-power
In the list of those that be, that are.
Then they came, the vultures
With their ugly greedy beaks and talons

They came with gowns they barely earned
With long records stained by sins unpunished
Dishonourable men left honourable by will,
Left honourable by sins ignored. They came
Each greedy, with bags that would never fill
They came from places without names
They were made welcome and given exalted places
Wherefrom they shat on the erstwhile, they came
With many books and papers and files and journals
Some off the shores of dubiousness, and many more
Within the shore of lies and deceit and shallowness
Many papers that added nothing but more shallowness
They came and they perched and they patted one another

They came with their ground-troops
Children of perdition nurtured in hells’ furnaces
Bringers of hell and deader in emotions than the stones of Olumo
With their machetes and their lead dispensers they came
And destruction came, riding on their shoulders
They did build as they set out to do for posterity
Worthy institution, institutions of fear that spread wherever
And their godfather flapped their wings in approval
It was time to alight, and be the lords of the manor

Their father with them came, yes he was along
Knowing neither rulership nor the reason it was made
This son of perdition shared to whom he will the estate
For which his forebears would have bled to hold in trust
For generations still groping in the innocence of pre-earth.
Every yard he shared as he found benefiting to him
And the pitiful remorseless cheerleaders of doom
What they could not en-route they uprooted
But the voices rose in defiance and spoke right out clear
They would not watch the desecration of Jerusalem

Into the Holy of Holies the powers gathered
Where they only spoke in whispers and silence
Where notes spoke louder than the cones in the minarets
They doled out to them what they denied the populace
But the voices would not subside for some would not be noted
So they whispered yet again, men whose eyes glint in greed
The one that limped on one and the other that limped on two
With the stranger that straddled everything overseeing
With the dumb counters of profit and the wigged idiots
With the bloated bards of perdition drumming
And the underfed heads of nothing deserved, they gathered

For days they whispered, the Devil their counsel
They listened as the invocation held sway before their eyes
And the Devils gathered as they called them up
Their leader, Mephostophilis of Faustus fame, the same one
Ardent in the art of lying and deception of willing idiots
For days he spoke to them, none moving for fear and fascination
And they learned at the feet of the despicable
Many a lesson more despicable than words can speak.
At last they came out well baked in deceit and lies
Their mouths full of putrefaction they spoke their filth
They coined a word from hell that meant same as exile

They said the Agency that ran the Depths of Hell had declared
That the twin towers were one too close to the other
And they needed of necessity to avoid a calamity
Since a tsunami was in the offing, that one in falling from its place
Would not bring down the other. They said for all to hear
That the hands that have fed from the common plate
Were not all human hands afterall. The Agency microscopes
Had found that many that appeared human
Were indeed the hands of Monkeys and Baboons
For how indeed could they co-habit with the human
When the theories of Darwin was not in the constitution.
For if they were ever to get a near-human habitation
It had to be in the confines of the bars fit for them
From where they would do no further disservice

Quickly they gathered their ammunition
They would offer twenty thousand denarii to foot the fare to hell
They drew out the plain sheets and wrapped their rivals
Then they threatened the ones that knew the history
Lest that they should speak the truth
And they painted the blood of the vampires on the doors
Of those that had sworn to keep their mouths sealed for ever
So that when the angel of exile passed over the enclave
It would pass over them. And who was there to question it
When the overseer stood by with his sons of perdition
Watching and benefiting.

Hurriedly they cleared a place in hell’s bowels
Stacking their victims, they discharged them into the hell
They left Gomorrah standing alone
And they created sodOMU from the ashes of nothing
Built on nothing – nor foundation nor principle
And the rat race began,
People would do anything to miss the train
They lobbied, bargained, begged, entreated, cajoled and promised
They prostrated, the sat in the lobbies of smoke filled rooms
They licked boots and wiped arses clean with their tongues
They polished shoes with their suits, wiped mucus with their ties
They called up their cline and paid their emissaries
Still the drums of war beat for some irrevocably

Those that missed the train prayed it would shove off
Sons of Hell cannot be trusted not to detour
And the moment it did shove off
They called the vultures together, for they all have wings
And told them to fly, fly to the farthest ends
Lest that any should ask questions without answers
Tell the world that the trains are loaded with misfits
People whose bodies are too twisted for suits
For they would neither shape up nor submit to the shaper
They are the ones like Boxer, who learning EFGH forgot ABCD
Tell them it is Europe’s rejects that arrived our shores
And must be returned for their disease not to spread
Tell the world what you will, they said nothing soap can wash

So the lies flew thick and strong, the smell of it filled everywhere
Even the misfed fee payers that filled the chamber of the unknowing
Heard the lies and nodded in satisfaction
Away with the lot whose legs would fit no shoes
Yes, they are that carry the machetes and swing the Colt
Yes, they are that keep the examined from the forty-mark bar
Yes, they are that stain the whitewashed sepulchres with their presence
Yes, they are that smear the hallowed chambers with filth
Away with them, not one be left.

In the pits of sodOMU, away from wobbly Gomorrah
The Sons of perdition would not stop
Finding one way or another, they always do
They created a bureau of corporal punishment
And made sure that none escaped the pain of sodOMU
And some finding themselves back in power
Found once again their voice of old
And tormented their co-sufferers even the more
Theirs is a different tale. The space that remain
Will not belong to eaters of slime, and drinkers of gob
They that, for positions that profit nought
Would open their mouths for strangers to pee in

Ever since have the wars raged, and the geniuses watched
Realizing they have built the roof before the walls
But clueless about the resolution, they watched
Deserted by the Devil-companion Mephostophilis, that one
Nor the hilltop nor the bureau nor the umbrella
Nor the stranger on the saddle nor the clowns that followed
Nor the leaders that wore the G-strings of numbers
Nor their foot-soldiers in the tinted cars
Nor the monkeys they appointed to identify the baboons
Nor the half-baked holder of offices they barely can name
Wisdom did not depart for they never partied with him
But Mephostophilis their chief companion
Deserted them and left then groping in daylight
Blinded by the light of truth as their principal parachuted out
Now the smell of their fart threatens thousand
For the conflict of one land is the refugee crisis of another

Now none can say which way is smooth
And they tell everyone to wait a while
For they all saw Godot a mile off approaching quickly
They tell everyone to hold sway a while longer
For the falcon circles nearer and nearer still
And would hear the falconer only too soon
And they all say to everyone to sit on the soft thorns they carved
And wait till the blood drips
For the sugar would again grow on hedges
And the Utopia they seek is only but around the corner
Not in the hell of the tower of sodOMU
Nor in the wobbly glitter of the twin tower of Gomorrah
Is there a reason to rest, but the pride remains
And the muse must rest a while from the choke of putrefaction
Lord! How the land doth smell!



  1. tola ijaiya said,

    Hmmn… thought provoking. Long, though.

  2. juwon odutayo said,

    That was my comment up there and it says tola ijaiya!! What was that?!

  3. Johnson Onwe Okorie said,

    I said it earlier than now that TASCE and TASUED is DAVID and GOLLIATH,this poem is a renactment of the endless battle between Otunba Gbenga Daniel and Ibikunle Amosun,this is a satirical poem,dealing with a co-current issues in Ogun state tertiary institution,infact,this is a poem that worth its meaning,it means according to our people adage that says;when two elephant fights,the grass suffereth it,politician in Ogun state should be considereth when taken a decision.master remember that i belong into this noble family

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