What a revelation. Before the crisis of Yar Adua’s absence took centre stage, no one would have doubted if Dimeji Bankole is a bona fide Nigerian. Fact emerging from this ongoing saga has shown beyond doubt that there is no true Nigerian blood running in his veins.
When Dimeji Bankole became the speaker of the Nigerian house, there was excitement that someone who is well educated someone so young as to realize his own future was at stake as well as those of so many people that are in his age bracket. If the erstwhile avante garde had been playing insensitive politics with the polity, he was expected to breathe in a new life into the polity and restore hope to the people. Not in his dreams did he see himself becoming the speaker of the house. So when the opportunity came to him, with the opportunity came the chance to etch his name in gold even if to the chagrin of the godfathers (some say his father is one of them but it is hard to tell). He had opportunity to look the troublers of Nigeria in the face and call their bluff, reminiscent of what Chris Ngige did to Chris Ubah in Anambra State.
As many of us as misadventured into this hope are doing our best to navigate our disappointed souls back to where we stood waiting for Godot before Bankole came along. Now we know we have some long lonely days still waiting to be waited out before any Godot comes. Bankole has proved himself ineffective and insensitive and undeserving to be called a Nigerian. Why? He has shown that he cannot feel the heartbeat of his people. He has shown that he can be a part of a web of deception and mislead his people, and divert attention to things that do not count when the house is on fire.
Under his watch, the Senate and the lower house disagreed over the venue of a joint session just to save the president the trouble of standing for an hour or so. He knew the president was in bad shape. Under his watch, separate sessions are conducted with the same aim of amending the constitution. It is doubtful if they intend to. Under his watch, the electoral reform has taken back stage. We know that most of them will not return if elections are properly held. Under his watch, series of lies have been told the Nigerian people about the state of health of their president. All he can do belatedly is to send six assembly men to further waste tax payers’ money gallivanting over Saudi Arabia looking for information that Yayale Ahmed was providing for free in the Senate building. They are supposed to send a message of goodwill. They told us the president has been speaking to him on phone. Why does he not just extend the goodwill on phone and save some money. On that trip, they will spend more than they are collectively donating to Haiti. Now Jos is on fire, we could use the six men there if they have to courage to go.
In any case, they should not bother. No one is further interested in the president’s actual state of health. Aandoakaa has told us we do not have to know. The speaker has done everything in and out of the book to prevent the actual issues from being discussed. Who does he think he is speaking for? He is not the speaker because we lost our voices. That is why the protester led by Wole Soyinka and Tunde Bakare did not want to listen to him. He has spoken in voices we do not understand simply because he has lost touch with his people. That position is not only about oversight functions when you refuse to see what is directly under your nose.
Hear this one. Three hundred and sixty of them in the House of Representatives decide to donate money to Haiti earthquake victims. In the end, they decide to donate twenty thousand naira each. Twenty thousand naira. What is the point they are making here. Perhaps that they too are cash strapped and can spare so little. That would have been fine if we do not know how much each person earn earns there and how much they make from other streams. Some Nigerians will swear that N20,000 is less than what the assembly men spend on lunch. The trouble is that so many of these men have so lost touch with Nigeria that they forget that they live, eat, shop and love around us. We see them daily. We know where they built their empires and we know who among them still remember their people.
We have a few aptitude test questions for Dimeji Bankole. They are the tests that should determine if he can continue to hold a Nigerian passport. It is not enough to have been born here. If he fails the test, he is only a colonial master. He is Lord Lugard incarnate except he can answer as fast as he speaks his Queen’s English or the gravel will fall as many times as there are questions.
i. Have you ever been broke and with no source of help?
ii. Have you ever been brutalized by the police?
iii. Do you know why civilians respect soldiers on the streets?
iv. Have you ever seen from a hundred meters how a police cell looks?
v. How many Nigerian youths are awaiting trial, some arrested for loitering?
vi. How many innocent people have been killed by the police since you became speaker?
vii. When will corruption end in the police?
viii. Have you seen a lecture room in a Nigerian university on a regular day?
ix. What is the most dangerous thing on a Nigerian university campus?
x. Do you understand why young boys take to Yahoo and violent crime?
xi. Do you know how much per box your party pays to undergraduates for snatching ballot boxes?
xii. Do you know what it is to sleep in one room with twelve others without electricity?
xiii. How many Nigerian youths with Ph. Ds walk the streets without jobs?
xiv. How many Nigerians died in the Ekiti governorship rerun?
xv. Why your wife go born for Ghana?
xvi. Why is no member of your family schooling in the country you speak for?
In Nigeria, a man is presumed guilty until miraculously proved innocent or until a godfather intervenes. Those who know this country know that the speaker does not have the slightest chance of passing this test. Therefore:
1. Not for not telling the truth about our president
2. Not for joining Ogbulafor and Mark in deceiving us
3. Not for not allowing the Freedom of Information bill to sail
4. Not for leading men who do not remember their electoral promises
5. Not for leading many who did not win elections
6. Not for disappointing young Nigerians and pitching tent with elders that failed long ago
BUT FOR NOT FEELING THE PAIN OF A PEOPLE and showing absolute lack of understanding of what the Nigerian dream is about. You are stripped of your citizenship. You become the latest in the ranks to wear the ignoble robes discarded by Lord Frederick Lugard of unblessed memory. Because you have persuaded yourself that the entity you lord over is Nigeria. That place is the House of Representatives, a banana house that does not dare engage the people it is supposed to represent. Even the different ways your members pronounce the name Nigeria tells you that we are too different to be one. Therefore, to continue to Lugard us, you all need to listen to us and try to understand us.
Stop distracting like your godfather whose only tall dream is to rule Nigeria for sixty years. After sixty years, what? Good talk. There would be nothing left to rule! Listen to your godfather Ogbulafor. All he wants if anything that would distract. Obasanjo has read the times and he is re-aligning. In response to Obasanjo’s advice to Yar Adua to resign, Ogbulafor said;
rather than comment on the ailing president, Obasanjo’s focus should have been on the grave security situation in Jos where scores of innocent citizens were “being killed or maimed in a senseless war of attrition by people who otherwise should have been their brother’s keepers Vanguard 24 01 2010
The National Publicity Secretary, Professor Rufai Alkali says of Obasanjo;
The Peoples Democratic Party therefore, finds it difficult to understand what his motives are, and what he seeks to achieve by these needless pronouncements.
Here is the point we have been trying to make. You guys do not understand a lot of things. Not just Obasanjo. You do not understand how the Nigerian feels. Case closed.


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