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Nollywood is Crap, is it?

August 23, 2015 at 3:50 pm (Uncategorized)

How many times have you heard or yourself said the above statement? Let me guess; countless.
Now that is strange. I know.
Most of us would rather see the American flicks with all their thrillers and stunts, the Indian movies with their romantic colours and the songs, or the Korean movies with their deep story plots and emotional themes. These movies just have a far better taste than most of our Nigerian movies. Undeniable!
There are so many reasons accountable for the lacklustre products produced by Nigerian filmmakers. From poorly developed stories to poor acting to low technical quality.
But who do you blame?
You need a good screenwriter to develop a good story. Nigerians have writers in abundance. But the best do not come cheap. Actors? You probably can guess that part. The crew and equipment is a story I bet you don’t want to read.
No reasonable person would pump a huge capital into a business (yes, it is business) that has a very high tendency of bringing a deficit in lieu of profit.
This is how it goes. A filmmaker spends some ten million Naira or above on a movie. Before the movie is released officially, some people somewhere have illegally made millions of copies and sold at a ridiculous price. There goes the poor man’s ten million Naira. There goes his life.
I know you know those evil people. They are called pirates. And that crime is piracy.
Now think again. There are more than you think.
Most people that have seen Kunle Afolayan’s “October 1” reckon that it is a different movie (well, it is one of the most expensive Nigerian movies ever made). It is much closer to what Nigerians expect from their own film industry as competition to its foreign counterparts. Most of those people did not go to the cinemas. They probably got a cheap DVD or just received it on their phones or laptops from their friends. If you are one of such people, you are the reasons the maker of that movie now wants to reconsider whether to continue to make movies in Nigeria (and for Nigerians).
They are pirates that purchase VCD/DVDs of movies that have not been legally released to the public.
They are pirates that have new cinema release films on their phones and computers too. You share these movies with your friends, oblivious of your part in destroying someone’s investment.
So many filmmakers have quit the business all because of this huge bane. And until we all come around together to fight it, the Nigerian movie industry may not go too farther from here.
If making a film with a million Naira and making a film with twenty million Naira will earn me almost the same returns (thanks to pirates and “film lovers”), why waste money?

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Audacity in Nigeria: 11 scenarios.

May 19, 2013 at 1:42 pm (Uncategorized)

Some of the most audacious things that have been done in Nigeria and most of which went unpunished. Or as would always be the case, one audacious event is knocked over by another, far more audacious.
The nation’s number one law officer- attorney-general and minister of justice, Chief Bola Ige was murdered in his home. His police details did not even know what happened. Some reports said they all went out to eat at the same time. After lengthy investigations, the IGP Mr. Sunday Ehindero, after keeping journalists waiting for days, produced some people who he said murdered Bola Ige. One of them was hooded. He was said to be the one who identified them. All the suspects denied knowing a thing about the murder. The chief suspect, one Alhaji Moshood also denied it. Till this moment, no one has been tried or convicted. No questions asked, no answers given. That is not counting Fryo, a certain man who confessed to the crime. His lawyer was Festus Keyamo who soon found himself on the defensive.
What many Nigerians do not know is that Wole Soyinka was jailed during the civil war. He was arrested and kept in solitary confinement for two years. What many more do not know is that he wrote a prison diary which he published as a book titled The Man Died (1972). This book was banned by the government of Gen Yakubu Gowon. The reason is simple. Soyinka accused Gowon and his perpetrators of the civil war of genocide. Rather than answer the allegation, they banned the book. The book remains banned in spite of the government’s acclaimed pride at Soyinka being a Nobel laureate.
Mrs Ayoka Adebayo was a resident electoral commissioner. She was over seventy. When she conducted the vexed Ekiti guber elections, she threw in the towel and wrote a resignation to President Umaru Yar Adua. She wrote
“It is with heavy heart that I am writing to inform you of my resignation as the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Ekiti State.

“In accordance with the rule of law, the on-going election in Ekiti was supposed to be the election that will enhance the image of INEC, electoral process in our dear country Nigeria and the whole black race.

“Unfortunately, the circumstances changed in the middle of the process; therefore, my conscience as a Christian cannot allow me to further participate in the process.

“I thank you and my great country Nigeria for giving me the rare opportunity to serve.”
The powers that be went to work, ordering her to reappear. FG declared her wanted
She reappeared and continued the work from which she had resigned. Eventually she announced results that gave the election to PDP’s Segun Oni; a result that has since been upturned. Mrs Adebayo never got to tell us who made her miserable enough to resign. We all remember she told us INEC, from which she resigned, is one happy family.
President Umaru Musa Yar Adua was grievously ill. No one knew his exact condition. Religious leaders like David Oyedepo were getting invited to Abuja. No one was telling us anything. Minister for justice Michael Aandoakaa told us the president was recovering and there was no gap in government as the president could rule from anywhere. Then one day, a certain tape of the president addressing the nation was aired. At the time this tape was aired, there were reports that the president was dead. Even Huffington Post carried it and later deleted the article without apology or explanation. The question is this. Who made that tape. Was the tape not fraudulently made and used to deceive a nation? Who was talking on that tape? No one is in jail for it and no one is answering for it.
Something went very wrong in Anambra politics. As a consequence, a sitting governor was abducted. But for his shrewdness in reaching out to AIT, he may never have been found. A certain politician with powerful support from Abuja had made the governor sign a pact that he would resign and pave way for him or another of his choice. But the governor reneged prompting anger and his abduction. When all failed, this group resorted to an orgy of violence with unrestrained arson and wanton destruction. Their anger consumed the government house and the broadcasting house of Anambra Broadcasting Corporation (ABS). This was brazen, in broad daylight and on tape. They were never challenged, arrested, questioned or prosecuted. This is the reason Chinua Achebe refused a national award twice. Achebe said, ‘I have watched particular the chaos in my own state of Anambra, where a small group of renegades, openly boasting their connections in high places seems determined to turn my homeland into a bankrupt and lawless fiefdom. I am enthralled by the brazenness of this clique and the silence, if not connivance, of the Presidency’.
In what remains the most chilling incident of extra judicial killing in Nigeria, seven Igbo traders were wiped out in Apo, Abuja. The reports show that at least two of them were taken to the police station unhurt. Soon, they were all dead. The officer accused of this murder is walking free. Prosecution is going forward, backwards and nowhere. Up till now, nothing has come of the case. There was talk of compensation. What is required is justice.
Suddenly things went really wrong in the PDP controlled Ogun State Assembly. They broke into two factions and suddenly the smaller faction, which did not form a quorum, suspended the larger faction. They sat in an undisclosed location and with a local Government mace. (The mace was later publicly destroyed at the inception of a new ACN controlled government in 2011). They tried to make things happen and to approve the taking of a bond that the government needed for development. Arguments and counter arguments flew on why the bond was desirable or undesirable. In the end, the governor locked up the house. President Jonathan did nothing. Even though he visited Ogun State and even though his party was the only one represented in the assemble, he could not find a way forward. The governor completed several months left on his tenure without a house of assembly.
The people of Odi in the Niger Delta were dealth a hard blow in the heat of the confrontation of the militants of the Niger Delta with the government of Olusegun Obasanjo. For a number of reasons that were told only from the government side, the town was invaded. People of the community and activists claimed that women and children were murdered and women raped on the streets. The government denied these. Photos were produced but the government said they were false. All would have remained as they were until the incumbent President Jonathan was accused by former President Olusegun Obasanjo of being indecisive in handling Boko Haram. President Jonathan openly said he would not adopt Obasanjo’s style which killed only women an children. He said he went there after the raid and did not see corpses of militants. He only saw corpses of women and children. One president to another. We have all acted like we did not hear. For a man who handed Charles Taylor over to ICC, Olusegun Obasanjo is a lucky man.
The only photo we have of Muhammed Yusuf in the media appears to have come from BBC. When President Yar Adua tackled Boko Haram in Borno State, their leader, Muhammed Yusuf was prime target. He was arrested by the army and handed over to the police. The police was to deny that he was in their custody. The army reiterated that they arrested him. He had only a cut on his arm which had been treated. Then BBC published a picture of Muhammed Yused with his hands bound and a bandage wrapped round his upper arm just as the army said.; police admitted he was in their custody. A short while after, the photograph of his body riddled with bullets was released. They said he died in a shootout while attempting escape. Since then, it has emerged that he was interrogated. There is a tape on the internet (the authenticity I cannot affirm) that contains an audio recording of his interrogation in Hausa. Today, Boko Haram cites this incident for their insurrection. The questions remain unanswered. Who killed Muhammed Yusuf and why?
Remi Babalola was Nigeria’s Minister of State for Finance. He was the one who clearly told us that NNPC was insolvent. The government went into a flurry. They denied the allegations and reeled out fact after fact. Babalola was moved to Special Duties from where he resigned. Now, Remi Babalola is a seasoned professional. He served from July 2007 to August 2010 and he did not know what he was talking about? Choose who you will believe.
General Azazzi was National Security Adviser. One day, Gen Azazzi openly tells the PDP to explain to Nigerians about Boko Haram. He clearly and unequivocally blamed Boko Haram attacks on PDP. The government went into a flurry again. Next thing he was releived of his duties. Then he dies in a helicopter crash. If anyone asked him why he made that declaration, I do not know.
Former Governor James Ibori was accused of being a felon. It was alleged that he was convicted for stealing building materials or so we read. The judge who convicted him was said to have identified him and affirmed that he was indeed the one he jailed. Then they needed to look at the records to see if it was true. Yes, the pages in questions that would have authenticated or knocked down the allegations were missing. THEY HAD BEEN RIPPED OFF.
Ibori left office and was accused of graft, embezzlement and money laundering. He won a preliminary objection to being tried anywhere except Asaba. Asaba did not have a high court. Then the government, in record time, approved, built a court and appointed Justice Awokulehin on Dec 16, 2009. Ibori was tried and ALL the charges against him were squashed. He walked free and into Dubai. It took UK to jail him.
The former EFCC Chairman, Nuhu Ribadu produce US$15m in cash. He said Ibori used it to bribe him. Ibori denied it. More recently a certain business man tried to claim the money but was lambasted by the court. Now, Delta State government is laying claims to the money. The governor is Ibori’s cousin and he never declared there was any missing money. Matter of fact, UK believes the governor stole in excess of £200m and Uduaghan did not notice!! Now, man, wife and mistress are in jail but they are untouchable in Nigeria.
#12 EVAN and EVANS
Evan or Evans Enwerem became president of the Nigerian Senate in 1999, a position he occupied for six months. Trouble came calling when it came to light that a certain Evans Enwerem had been convicted soon after Nigeria’s independence. The former senate president put up a spirited defence explaining that he was Evan. He said that the Evans that was convicted was his late twin brother. So his mother had two of them. One boy was named Evan and the other was named Evans. Evans (now deceased) was the felon. Evans rose to become the Senate president. Today, a university is named after him.
Oyerinde was a personal aide of Edo State governor, Adams Oshiomole. Oshiomole has refused to allow his murder go down as another unsolved murder. He has accused the police authorities of complicity in his murder. Oshiomole was citing police records when he said that both the murderer and the murder weapon (which was earlier used in a robbery) were in police custody at the time his private secretary was murdered. He in fact said the police killed him. What is saddening is that the police paraded a set of suspects for the murder and the SSS paraded another set, and there are conflicts in their reports. Since then, it has been claims and counter claims in the papers and the police recently (quite uncharacteristic of them) published a very impressive report on how they investigated and tracked down the armed robbers who killed Oyerinde. When this will end is anybody’s guess.

There are countless ridicous things we do with such impunity in Nigeria. These ones here are in public glare. You can imagine what goes on behind the scene.

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Olalekan Adeleye triggered a thought with his post on APC stalwarts wooing Otunba Gbenga Daniel to join them. read first the post from.Olalekan, them read my thought on the vexed issue Adeleye Olalekan Come join us: How Tinubu (and his wife) invited Gbenga Daniel to join APC It’s a cute story, actually. The Asiwaju of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been easy today at the venue of Oluwole Awolowo’s burial in Ikenne, Ogun: a) Reconciling bitter rivals and ex-governors of Ogun, Olusegun Osoba and Gbenga Daniiel b) Inviting the People’s Democratic Party’s Gbenga Daniel to join his party. According to Premium Times, “The possible erasure of their political differences took place at the church service held at Our Saviour’s Anglican Church, Ikenne.” Mr. Daniel, who arrived the church five minutes after Mr. Osoba, was allocated a seat next to his successor. The duo soon engaged in what looked like a friendly chat. At some point, their conversation attracted the attention of one of the grandson of late Obafemi Awolowo, Segun, who joined the two governors in conversation and then a round of spontaneous laughter. When Remi Tinubu, a Senator and wife of former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, arrived and was ushered to a seat between Messrs Osoba and Daniel, she jokingly asked not to divide them, adding that she would prefer instead to sit next to the duo. Mrs. Tinubu, a Senator under the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), also jokingly invited Mr. Daniel, who is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, into the All Progressives Congress, a coalition of four parties including the ACN. She encouraged him to invite his colleagues and former governors, Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Segun Oni, who were also at the burial to join in the cross-carpeting­ to APC. In support of Mrs. Tinubu, Mr. Osoba added his voice, telling Mr. Daniel that APC, at present, is what is biblically called Noah’s Ark, hence, opportunity for him to “join the Ark to a promised land in 2015.” My Thought. what if OGD joins APC?? So what if OGD joins APC. So many things will change. Since it is just a matter of imagination, I want to imagine as freely as I can what will happen. 1. So many pundits will be out of jobs. The wind would be gone from their sail. 2. Erstwhile enemies will suddenly find themselves in the same camp. Just imagine Ogunpola Damochee and Barbington Ashaye on the same side. Imagine Folasade Baiyewu and s.f Ojo Adediran cheering on the same side. Imagine Adegba’okiki and Mustapha Musa Dapo planning election strategies together!!! 3. It would give OGD a new lease of life. Not as if OGD is desperate to go anywhere. Still, PDP don’t want him anyway. OGD is astute and must realize that Labour Party is not where to go. APC offers opportunities. 4. Perhaps there will be more support for him in fighting the corruption charges pending against him. 5. More than half of the tension in Ogun State will ease when the supporters of OGD and those of SIA stop going at each other. 6. Perhaps all the projects that OGD put in place may be given more support. Perhaps the conflicts in TASCE and TASUED would become history. OGD, OSOBA, SIA will all work together to lift Ogun State. Well, since it is wishful thinking, I am free to think as I like. But if there is a way to make it happen, I will go for it.

April 19, 2013 at 10:18 pm (Uncategorized)

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search for headless bodies.

March 26, 2013 at 12:03 am (Uncategorized)

Having received reports of 3 headless female bodies from FB, the Student Affairs Office of Tai Solarin College of Education Omu came alive. We have a situation of a few female students who travelled and their friends and family say they have not been in contact for a long while. The descriptions on FB were disturbing as they were near matches. A sense of responsibility galvanised the school. Having obtained proper permits, a number of us were sent out. A certain source who claimed to have plied the road said the bodies were at Ajegunle, afarm community near Mamu on Ibadan Road. We drove first to Awa Police Station where we met with the DPO. He told us they got the same report and acted. SSS had come, the DPOs from Ijebu and Atan had also been there in addition to other security formations from Abeokuta. They had sent men in patrol vehicles and on motor bikes for thoroughness but found nothing. He gave us one of his men and encouraged us to search. Slowly we drove until we reached the boundary of Ogun and Oyo States and found…nothing.
While on the drive I was reaching out. I got links from where apparently some had copied the message. It was a blog site. There I saw 3 studio processed photos of girls who were said to be the victims. Questions: who obtained the photos? From the scene? Who snapped them and who has them now? Why did they take them. Why did they not snap the corpses? (it is hard for a Nigerian with a camera phone not to try to snap). How did they confirm that the corpses which were headless matched the photos? Who saw tha vehicle that dropped them? And finally, who are these people that put up this pictures ? OK. Here’s their link. See for yourself
Today, they have grossed 18,045 views at the time of writing this. Is that why they did it?
I need to warn about the number of idiotic blogs in Nigeria. Naija this and Naija that. When you Google up trending information especially, If you don’t find a reputable name like Vanguard, Guardian, Saharareporters, Premium Times or any real name behind a blog, don’t read. If you want to read, don’t cite or share. They will only create credibility problems for you.
Back to what is important to us as a school.
We still need information because we still a few girls whose friends and parents say they have not heard from for a long while.
Thanks for taking the pain to read. Lease leave comments.

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Where’s Rubby?

March 21, 2013 at 4:13 am (Uncategorized)

The Jonathan presidency got a bloody eye Wednesday in Lagos, when Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, characterized the state pardon granted former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, by President Goodluck Jonathan, as both a corrupt act and an example of state impunity
Mr. Soyinka, who made the comments while opening this year’s edition of the Lagos Black Heritage Festival open also slammed comments made by President Jonathan’s spokesman, Reuben Abati, that those criticizing the immorality of the pardon were suffereing from “sophisticated ignorance.”
“On the state pardon granted the former governor, I want to join the bandwagon of the ignorant persons. I am happy to be counted among them. For me, this kind of impunity is not unconnected to the controversy, which has been surrounding the N4bn allocation being sought by the First Lady Mission. It is part of the same corrupt mentality,” remarked the professor of literature and renowned author.
Mr. Soyinka said it was odd for Jonathan to equate Mr. Alamieyeseigha’s  case  with those of the other people he granted pardon because, according to him, the cases of other ex-convicts were largely political, being victims of the late Sani Abacha junta who set them up in a phantom coup.
“What is going on right now gives the picture of a government that is floundering and justifying the unjustifiable. It amounts to encouragement of corruption. The United States Government wants the felon.  We have a case of an officer of the law – a governor – who went to another country and broke the law of the nation. He jumped bail.
“I believe that such a person does not deserve a state pardon. So, I have joined the league of the ignorant persons condemning the act. I criticise and deplore President Jonathan for granting pardon to the former governor” he said.
President Jonathan has been the butt of a national and international outrage for his controversial state pardon on convicted high profile felons like his former boss, Mr. Alamieyeseigha, and Shettima Bulama a former chief executive of the defunct Bank of the North.
He has also drawn public anger for the pardon of a former army major, Magaji, a homosexual rapist who the Supreme Court of Nigeria jailed for 5 years for serially sodomising four teenage boys.

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Taking Back Your Children

March 19, 2013 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

If you have children who speak things like 1. I yaff go to school
2. Us have not eat
3. Our teacher have go
4. It is rice we are eating?
Then here are some suggestions you could use.
1. Unban the use of the mother tongue in your house. No child ever learns tenses in the mother tongue. It gives them a linguistic base they need to learn a language like English.
2. Buy children’s books. Make them read them. take the pains to flip through Nigerian authors before they read. The classics are available for bigger kids. Books like Oliver Twist, Tom Sawyer, Lamb Tales from Shakespeare, Gulliver’s Travels etc. They will speak as they read.
3. Do not pass up a chance to correct them. Make them realize they have to speak carefully.
4. Run a check on their teacher in school. If they are using sub-standard teachers, do something. Flamboyance is not quality.
5. Spend time with them and engage them in conversation. Discuss books they have read or tell them folk tales. Let them recount their daily experiences in simple language.
6. Don’t just hire any teacher. Engage the teacher in conversation after a week of working with your kid(s). Hour should be able to tell you what he has observed and how he plans to proceed.
7. Don’t let your maid or half-baked relatives teach your child English by association.
Education Resource Centre may be reached through sms, voice call or e-mail.

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this is the ‘Oga at theTop’

March 19, 2013 at 5:44 am (Uncategorized)

Well, I am delighted that you really want to know who this oga is. I am also disappointed that you did not know until now. Then I am angry that you expect me to be the one to tell you. But then, what are friends for? OK I will tell you. Oga at the top is the one who makes you do what you knew you should do and stops you from doing same when he thinks it is beneficial not to do same. Beneficial to who? You know na, to yet another Oga at the Top. So who is the ultimate Oga at the Top? The president ke! Even that one has many Oga at the Top. Who they are? Oya carry biro. Election financiers, election riggers, party elders, IMF, transparency International, Commonwealth, G8, World Bank, and even the US that they accuse of meddlesomeness. If you doubt ask Saddam, ask Gaddafi. UK sef. Ask Ibori or ask Alams to near that side Even South Africa and for that you can ask Okah. Oga full for top o. Even me. I be Oga at the Top na. E easy?

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so they let her go

December 14, 2012 at 9:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Here we go again with our characteristic disgrace of what is left of the prestige of this nation. When we make our mess, we do not weigh it. When the international press does a documentary, we are so shocked at the conclusions they make that our leaders take turm to condemn such reports. The truth is often that they are too shocked to believe that it is their actions that are so audacious and disheartening.
Someone walked in and killed a serving miniister of justice and nothing has happened till date. Crimes like this only serve to enbolden potential criminals. many people have been abducted before nd ransome collected. commissioners, local government chairmen, wives of political figures, influencial businessmen and their damilies not to count the expatriates. Ransome has continued to be paid and collected and denials have continued. so we are not bothered about the details the police is not releasing about Okonjo-Iweala’s mother. we have been told that no one paid. but we have our doubts. The part that remains is telling a credible story about how and why the woman was released. They are keeping that to themselves and eeveryone is free to guess why. in most parts of the world, it is easy to kidnap. The test is how you pick the ransome and get away from the police. but in my country………whatever you put in the space you will answer for.

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The Blood of Innocents Hold Us in Nigeria

December 7, 2012 at 12:24 pm (Uncategorized)

The Bible teaches that righteousness exalts a nation. The other side of the coin is indeed worrisome. What does unrighteousness – institutionalized unrighteousness – do to a nation? I just took a cursory look at the number of people this nation has wronged and whose blood cry out on a daily basis to be avenged just like the case of Cain and Abel. Like always, my thoughts are just thought. you can take them, use them, slam them but you cannot shut your eyes to them. If you want to read this piece, look on the right pane and click on the article. If you are on a mobile and cannot find the right pane, scroll down and select ‘Go to full site’. Please leave a comment. that’s the only way I will know that you came by.

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