While the traditional institution, obviously for obscure patriotic reasons continue to canvass greater roles in the polity, there is no other institution fighting the achieving of their objective other than themselves. Whenever they speak about their grassroots control, one is tempted to overlook their diminishing profile in their communities. Some of them require the armed support of the governments that installed them to able to function among unarmed subjects. So may cases are in court and ancestral qualifications are no longer the most important qualifications for ascending a throne. Faithfulness in time of election is fundamental. One can barely count three traditional rulers in the nation who can speak out against their state governments.
It is difficult to believe that they do not see how ridiculous they make their own institution by reckless politicking and by pursuing agenda that are detrimental to national interest. The South West rulers denigrate the traditional institution, as it stands today, more than any other group in the country. The South East has never had more than a mere ceremonial value for the institution. Many of their supposed subjects are everywhere in the world. That was the reason for the Eze Ndi Igbo saga. Their paltry control was further threatened by this situation and they ran to their South West brothers for help. The latter responded emphatically because what goes around comes around. The North appears today to revere the institution more than any other group. From Sokoto to Kano and Katsina and to Daura, they are held with genuine dignity. This is how it used to be in the South West until the political institution recruited them for their political ends and started handing out staffs of office like chewing sticks. Today, we hear about first grade and second grade traditional rulers and no one can prove that the grading system has nothing to do with performance in election duties.
There is no arguing against this, not with the papers full of the constant brushes of Governor Alao Akala’s government with the Ibadan Monarch and the many publicised tussles between the Ooni of Ife and surrounding monarchs. There was the now rested conflict between Governor Daniel and the Egba Monarch and the one in Benin where Chief Igbinedion is accused of holding his own Igue Festival. It will not be the first time he will apologise to the Oba. Even before the last Alake of Egbaland was installed, other traditional rulers had hinted to his that his domain remains Ake as his title stipulates. There are many more of Governors threatening to depose or demote monarchs and in Oyo State recently, there were issues of who should or should not wear beaded crowns.
Saturday, January 2, 2010, Chief Dr Senator and Mrs Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello would be receiving a long cherished dream of holding a traditional title. It is common knowledge that Obasanjo-Bello has long craved a traditional title. It is known that one was denied her, in Egbaland, with hours to go to the ceremony. Grapevine suggests she cannot get a title anywhere in Ogun State in the life of the present administration. Some say Governor Daniel is trying to suppress her political profile and others say she wants to be governor and Governor Daniel does not want that. Some even say her father is using her to get at Daniel. All manners of tales without one signal which is true. This is sufficient reason why the traditional institution should carve out a place for itself far away from this business of partisan politics.
So, off she jets to the cradle of O’ Odua and gets not an Ife or Egba title, but a Yorubaland title. Yeyemekun of Yorubaland as the newspaper congratulatory messages suggest (The Nation, 2 January 2010, pages 8 and 20). One wonders! Anyway, all these titles mean little until those that give them begin to discriminate enough to deny some people the titles. Money bags whose wealth are questionable, all political leaders, and persons with EFCC question marks following them around and even musicians who sing obscenities. Until traditional rulers step out of partisan politics, they will continue to ridicule their own images and people. Fancy carrying a Yorubaland title and Yoruba people are neither party to it nor know when and for what it was given. Long live Yeyemekun of Yorubaland! ‘Amazon and mother’ in the words of the congratulatory message! At least she got it from the Ooni of Ife. In the South East, you just sell your containers and pick a title only remembering to place 1 at the end – Ochiri Ozua 1. You can place the signpost in front of your palace and whoever does not like it can go to court. Everyone know you got it for selling containers. Yeyemekun – what do you have to do to earn it?
Chuma Okoye



  1. Bolu Oshodi said,

    Very insightful.The Öoni even reconciled her diff wt daniel.
    Only God can save Nigeria 4rm ds decay.
    Big ups sir
    me like ds blog

  2. Titus t said,

    Wat eva dey lik dey should give their self because of money,very soon God will expose them.Mekunu jiya eyin fi owo saye,omo yin aje iyi aini opin.

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