On Losing Someone – Bosola’s Musing

Bosola was my student in secondary school for three years or so. An undergraduate at the moment, this depth of thought is rare for a teenager, but here it is. Well, this generation do not seem to have much respect for Noel Webster and his dictionary. Someday, if there is a request, I will translate it into English. Just read if you can.

ermm..jst sumfin frm mi mind n nt mi head…


Today at 4:43am

Hmm…m js sittin hre..finkin..some pple r dying,some r in pain,some dnt hav wah to eat.,some hav nevr sin light,some havnt hrd a sound,some hav nevr bin accepted.some think they hav no hope,some believe its da end ov da world,n den dre r some ppl who r havin fun,poppin in clubs,hu practicallyhav d world at their feet,fame,money,luxury..AKA-vanity… ruinin othr pples livez nt knowin dat their’s is gona cum to an end one dai..livin errday lyk drez no end…d sins ov men liv aftr dem dey sai…me,nevr knew d tru definitn ov death till i lost one ov mi own..sh def ws mi guardian angel..hav u evr felt lyk ul nevr make any rational decisn unless dat one persn ws js dre to put u thru??..il do nefin to c ur face js one mre tym..buh sumtymz wen u chase ur drimz,ts wah actuali tkes ur life awai..still dnt blliv ure gone..m stil waitin to c u..cz i js knw u cnt b gone..i js go to ur room sumtymz n js fink bwt da tymz i used to cum n js lounge n tok bwt boiz n hw u js wanted to c da boi i ws gna gt married to..hw ironic lyf is..n i remembr d time we ws tlkn bwt sum1else’s death..nt knowin urz wasnt tew far..n den my weddin dat u olwaiz went on n on bwt..ts a pity u wnt b here to c dt dai buh i knw ul b lookin dwn frm above wif dat usual grin on yo face..u dint evn wait to c me graduate..n u dint c me get into uni..(wat u olwaiz wnted)many mree luvd onez hav gone..fr diiff ppl..i knew wt u meant to me buh dint knw hw mch until i heard u died vat mrnin..wish i cud js talk to u..nid u mre dan evr..js hp dre’l b sum1 els i cud trust lyk i did u..buh da wrld is so cold naw…buh one fing is sure..errone z gna go one dai..n wah mattrz z js livin our livez da rite wai..its 4am n ds is wah i fink bwt..n den drez mi frnd jimi..remembr dem timez we js chilld in da classrooms at nyt..mi fresh 100level daiz..tlkin n ol..n den we knda grew apart n kpt da hi’s goin on..ur loss ws da biggest surprise..miss da afro n errfin..drz tearz errtym i fink ov u…still cnt bliv ne ov ds..buh God in heaven knwz best..i assume ure in a bettr place..its so hard to accept dat u gone fr evr..d hardest fing to sai is goodbye..’specially wen ure nevr gon c em again on ds earth….buh t js baffles me d wai ppl hu stil hav life in dem liv their lives..ppl olwaiz frget dat d live dey r livin is borrowed..liv errdai lyk ts ur last..n do fingz ryt..so mayb da world cud b a betr place..failure is one step closer to achieving wah u wanna achieve..n ppl..stop livin a false life..people..hold da ppl hu u love close..nevr let em dwn..dunno wha to sai nemre..ds z js thots…



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  1. Banjo, Oluwatobi O. said,

    Its a pity we all have to go someday. Nobody has control over that. My condolences on the death of ur friend.

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