THe Sixteenth Chapter of St John’s Gospel in Pidgin

ST JOHN’S GOSPEL FOR PIDGIN Translation by J. Chuma Okoye


  1. I de tell una all this thing so that una faith no go scatter.
  2. Dem go pursue una comot for church, yes, the time de come wey anybody wey kill una go think say e de help God.
  3. Dem go do like that because dem no know God, and dem no know me.
  4. But I de tell una all this thing so that when time reach una go remember say I tell una. I no tell una all this thing before because I still dey with una.
  5. But now I de go my way go meet the person wey send me, and una no even ask me say, Where you de go?
  6. Because I tell una this thing una heart don de heavy.
  7. But make we look am well, e pay una say make I go because if I no go, the Comforter no go come meet una, but I go send am when I don go.
  8. And when e don come e go show the world say wetin dem think about sin and righteousness and judgement no correct.
  9. E go show dem say dem do wrong because dem no believe in me.
  10. E go show dem say na me dey for the correct side when e go show dem say I de go meet the Father when I comot for here.
  11. E go show dem wetin be judgement from heaven when dem go see say the prince of this world don lose im case.
  12. I still get many things wey I wan tell una but una no fit carry am because e go too much for una.
  13. But when e come wey be the Spirit of truth, e go show una everything wey be true: because e no go talk anything on im own but na wetin e hear na im e go talk, and e go show una things wey go still happen for front.
  14. E go glorify me because everything wey e show una na from me e go get am.
  15. All the things wey the father get na my own, that na why I talk say e go take from wetin be my own come show una.
  16. Small time una no go see me and small time again una go see me, because I de go meet the Father.
  17. Then some of the disciple come de talk among demself say, Wetin be this wey e de tell us say small time we go see am and small time we no go see am, and, Because I de go meet the Father?
  18. Dem come talk say, Wetin be this wey e de talk say Small time this, small time that? We no understand.
  19. Jesus know say dem wan ask am so e come tell dem say, Una wan ask me wetin I mean when I tell una say small time una no go see me and small time una go see me.
  20. True make I tell una, Una go cry till una go nearly die but the world go de happy. Una mind go scatter pata-pata. But all that one go soon turn to happiness.
  21. E go be like woman wey wan born pikin. When e don reach time to born, she go suffer. But as she just born the pikin finish, one time, she don forget all the wahala wey she see because of the happiness say new pikin don enter the world.
  22. So, now una no happy at all, but I go come back come see una and una heart go happy, and nobody fit take that happiness from una.
  23. That time una no go ask anything from me because I tell una, anything wey una ask from God for my name, e go do am for una.
  24. Before this time una no ask anything for my name. Make una ask and una go receive so that una joy go full.
  25. I don de take proverb de talk to una all this time but time de come wey I no go take parable talk to una again, but I go tell una about the Father straight.
  26. When that day go come una go ask wetin una want from the Father and I no de talk say I go pray to the Father for una.
  27. Because the Father love una imself because una don love me, and una believe say I come from God.
  28. I come out from the Father and I come inside this world, and now I de leave this world de go back to the Father
  29. The disciples come tell am say, Na now you come, you don de talk the one wey we de hear, no be for proverb.
  30. Na now we sure say you know everything and no need make anybody de ask you question, because of this we believe say you come from God.
  31. Jesus answer dem say, Una don believe now?
  32. Look, the time de come, and the time don reach wey all of una go scatter, every man go de run face im own side and una go leave me, but no be only me go stand because God go dey with me
  33. I de tell una all this thing so that for inside me una go get peace. For inside this world na so-so wahala una go de get but make una de smile de go because I don win the fight wey dey for this world.



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    i love this a great deal. Are there more on this.

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